You Were My Everything – Aviation

I have never truly felt sadness until I listened to this song. Lately due to events going on in my personal life, I have been swaying away from romantic and sad songs. But, a friend of mine told me to take a gander at this heartfelt mash up and boy oh boy did the tears start running down my face. 


The lyrics in this song are so…real. Meaning this is not like the usual love song. It doesn’t have the slow tempo or the usual ‘I want you back’ line. It is a guy pouring out his raw emotions, accepting the fact that he wronged the love of his life and she will not be coming back. He does not try to defend his actions and does not expect her to forgive him.


He put it quite simply at the beginning of the song. “This goes out to someone that was once the most important person in my life, I didn’t realize it at the time, I can’t forgive myself for the way I treated you, so I don’t really expect you to either.”


This song relates to my current life situation almost perfectly, which made listening to this song even more hard. His words paint a morbid picture that many couples go through. Someone in the relationship takes the other for granted and before you know it the relationship has ran its course and someone is hurt beyond repair.


I would most definitely recommend this song to any girl or boy that is going through a rough break up. Even though this song brought on the water works it gave me an odd sense of comfort, which is hard when you feel so lonely all the time.



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